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Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys: Corporate Law Firm | Wolfson Bolton - megers_and_aquisitionsOur Attorneys Offer a Comprehensive Array of Services for all Phases of a Transaction

Our seasoned team of corporate attorneys focuses on representing acquirers, sellers, targets, issuers, individuals, privately held businesses, financial institutions, and borrowers in the purchase and sale of stock and assets, including in distressed situations. We have assisted on middle-market transactions across an array of industries and sectors, and our attorneys are adept at handling complex, sophisticated transactions as well as smaller, more routine matters.

The combined business and legal background of our corporate attorneys allows them to not only provide excellent negotiation and transaction strategy, but sensible advice on structure, indemnity risks, and legal compliance in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We are adept at assisting with the selection of a deal team and due diligence through closing as well as negotiating the terms of letter of intent, non-disclosure agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, employment agreements, transition services agreements, and related documents. We work with a wide network of investment advisers, including auditors, investment bankers, and diligence consultants to help move your transaction forward efficiently and effectively.

Our years of M&A experience and “dealmaker” approach allow us to serve our clients’ interests by understanding, articulating, and resolving differences between buyers and sellers to consummate successful transactions. 

Article 9 Sales, Distressed Transactions, and Shareholder Buyouts

We have deep knowledge of distressed sales, including pursuant to U.C.C. Article 9, through receiverships, and out of bankruptcy. Additionally, our lawyers are well-versed in the nuances of Bankruptcy Code section 363 sales. We have represented countless “stalking horse” bidders and competing bidders at public and private auctions.

In distressed matters, we are well versed in the motions and orders that set the ground rules for distressed sales. We have successfully challenged and set aside sale procedures that did not provide our clients a fair opportunity to bid. We also work with those impacted by these sales, including lenders, landlords, customers, and suppliers to protect their rights.

We also have represented owners and companies with respect to buyout transactions in the shareholder disputes. Because of our experience in both transactions and litigation, we are able to provide superlative guidance and counsel when partners or owners have decided to part ways or are unable to resolve management disputes.