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Annual Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship Awarded

The annual Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship was awarded to two students from Westwood High School this year.  The recipients were Austin Brewer, who plans to study mechanical engineering, and Morgan Coolidge, who plans to study engineering at Michigan Technological University.

Scott A. Wolfson established the Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship at his alma mater, Westwood High School, in Ishpeming, Michigan. The scholarship requires that the recipient held a part-time job during high school and overcame a substantial challenge in his or her life as described in the student’s essay. Scott awarded two scholarships this year after reading Austin’s and Morgan’s submissions. “Both have already faced significant challenges in their young lives, and they are not only bouncing back from them, but thriving.  They embody the resilience that this scholarship seeks to recognize.”