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Your Foreclosure Defense Options

Nothing is scarier or more overwhelming than the thought of losing your home. Aside from equity, your home likely has extraordinary sentimental value. Furthermore, you might not be sure of where you and your family will go if you are forced to leave. 

Fortunately, you do have options. No matter where you live, whether it is Detroit, Southfield, Roseville, Garden City or South Lyon, foreclosure can be an incredibly fast process, and you have a limited amount of time to implement an effective defense strategy. As such, contacting an experienced professional as soon as possible is imperative.

Under this chapter, debtors propose a structured payment plan to their creditors, which spans three to five years. If a debtor’s monthly income falls below the state median, the repayment period is three years, unless the court approves a longer duration. Conversely, if a debtor’s monthly income surpasses the state’s median, the repayment plan typically extends to five years.

Our lawyers have decades of experience with helping financially distressed homeowners. Troy is not just where we work — it is our community, and we are personally and professionally committed to putting our legal skills to work for families throughout the city.

Many people receive foreclosure notices and believe they have no choice but to leave their homes. However, your mortgage lender might not have followed proper procedures, which may invalidate the foreclosure process. You may also have various debt-relief options at your disposal.

How We May Help with Your Foreclosure Case:

  • Negotiate a loan modification. This option is best in the early stages of your financial struggle. Lenders are much more likely to modify mortgages for a homeowner who is proactive and has not yet missed a payment. With our attorney as your dedicated advocate, you may be able to negotiate a mortgage modification such as a lowered interest rate, an extension of terms, a reduction of the principal, or a forbearance. The lender might even put your delinquent payments at the end of your payment plan, thereby curing the default.
  • Raise a defense in court. Every state has a strict set of steps that mortgage lenders must follow before they can sell a person’s home and evict them from the property. Many people are surprised to learn that lenders frequently make mistakes, and our attorney’s job is to expose these mistakes and stop the foreclosure process entirely.
  • File bankruptcyAll types of bankruptcy will trigger a court order called the automatic stay, which halts all collection actions — including foreclosure. Although the automatic stay lifts at the end of the case, bankruptcy can provide long-term relief because it allows debtors to catch up on payments, negotiate with their lenders, and otherwise resolve delinquencies. Chapter 13 is typically the most effective form of bankruptcy for distressed homeowners because it provides protection for three to five years.

No matter which strategy you choose, time is extremely limited. This is why we urge you to get in touch with us as soon as you believe you may default on your mortgage. The sooner you involve us, the more time we will have to utilize a high-powered defense strategy that will help you keep your home.

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