Corporate Counseling

Eric A. Zacks

Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions and Emerging Growth

Practice Areas

Expert External Counsel: Guiding Decisions, Governance, and Risk Management.

Our Corporate Counselling practice is used by our clients as an external general counsel team to support them in making their most important business decisions and to assist them in handling all of the day-to-day obstacles that arise.  Many of our attorneys have spent meaningful time in corporate environments and have a thorough understanding of how organizations are managed and how businesses operate.  These experiences shape the guidance and advice that we provide our clients, which always includes helping them understand and quantify the value drivers of their opportunities and challenges so they can make the best decisions.  In addition to serving our clients as their external general counsel, our corporate attorneys provide advice to clients as they navigate Board and committee structuring and governance matters, negotiate and modify formation documents, bylaws and operating agreements, manage director and officer fiduciary responsibilities, and implement and execute compliance and enterprise risk management programs

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