Emerging Growth

Eric A. Zacks

Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions and Emerging Growth

Practice Areas

Comprehensive Support for Entrepreneurs

Our corporate attorneys counsel startups and entrepreneurs throughout the entire life cycle of a venture.  We have experience counseling founders from entity formation and taking on friends and family investment through managing seed capital investment and Series A and B financing rounds, as well as venture sales through strategic M&A processes.  In addition, our corporate attorneys advise these ventures in strategic transactions (such as joint venture and development deals), in their routine and specialized supply chain (supply agreements, customer agreements, licensing agreements, sales representative agreements, etc.), and in real estate transactions.  Our litigation attorneys fight for and defend these ventures in any of their adversarial matters, and our general corporate attorneys work with these ventures to find, coordinate, and seamlessly manage any specialist counsel that they need in areas such as intellectual property, regulatory, tax, employment, and environmental matters.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the reaction time necessary to take advantage of opportunities and the speed of decision making.  We endeavor to help all these ventures work fast, smart, and efficiently by providing counsel and work product that meets the demands of their business.

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