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Celebrating Resilience and Achievement – The Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship

At Wolfson Bolton Kochis PLLC, we believe in the power of resilience, hard work, and community support. It is with great pride that we announce the recipient of the annual Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship, awarded to honor roll students from Westwood High School who have demonstrated exceptional perseverance and dedication. This year, we are thrilled to recognize Alyssa Couveau.

Wendy Coombs presents Alyssa Couveau with the annual Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship
Alyssa Couveau being presented her scholarship by Wendy Coombs sister of Scott Wolfson

The Wolfson Family Resilience Scholarship was established by Scott A. Wolfson, an alumnus of Westwood High School in Ishpeming, Michigan. His aim was to support and honor students who have faced substantial obstacles and have shown remarkable determination in their pursuit of academic and personal success.

The scholarship is awarded annually to students at Westwood High School who meet the following criteria:

  • Honor Roll Status: Recipients must be on the honor roll, showcasing their academic excellence and commitment to their studies.
  • Part-Time Employment: Students must have held a part-time job during their high school years, demonstrating their ability to balance work and education effectively.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Recipients must have faced and overcome significant challenges in their lives, exemplifying resilience and strength of character.

Wolfson Bolton Kochis is committed to supporting the next generation of leaders. We believe that recognizing and rewarding students like Alyssa helps to build a stronger, more resilient community. We are incredibly proud of her achievements and look forward to seeing all the great things she will accomplish in the future

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